Our Tugs

Inland Tugs: We own and operate shallow draft push boats ranging in HP from 400 to 600 HP. All are available for full time hire or bareboat charter (rental).

Coastwise Tugs: We have shallow draft, model bow tugs ranging from 1200 to 1800 HP (fully Subchapter M Compliant). All are all model bow, twin screw, and shallow draft, making them very versatile for inland (ICW) and coastal operations.

International/Oceans Tugs: We have ocean-going tugs ranging from 2400 to 4000 HP model bow tug (fully Subchapter M Compliant) with a fuel range capable of long-haul service on/between the US East Coast and GOM, as well as to anywhere in the Caribbean. 

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NameDescriptionRoutesEnginesHorsepowerGross TonnageDimensions (ft)
Capt. BeauModel Bow w/ Tow WinchOceans2 x EMD 12-645-E74000124107.6' x 26.8' x 15.4'
Tug OliverModel Bow w/ Tow WinchOceans2 x CAT 3512240014878.9' x 24.0' x 8.6'
Tug Rikki S.Model Bow w/ HawserCoastwise2 x CUM KTA M316008668.0' x 24.5' x 8.6'
Tug HerculesModel Bow w/ HawserCoastwise2 x CUM KTA M316007865.0' x 22.0' x 8.7'
Tug Peggy AnnPush Tug (Lugger)Inland2 x JD 6081 AFM6003142.0' x 16.0' x 7.0'
Tug River RatPush Tug (Truckable)Inland2 x JD 4045400N/A25.3' x 12.0' x 4.0'
Tug Riley GirlPush Tug (Truckable)Inland2x JD 6086400N/A25.5' x 14.0' x 6.0'