Ship Docking

Ship Docking: Our tugs and crew are well-versed in tailing/towing, escort and docking/undocking commercial vessels in congested waterways and confined channels. We have provided tailing and towing services on the Miami River assisting several local shipping lines. We have commercial vessel ship docking experience at the Port of Palm Beach and the Port of Miami, and routinely perform military ship docking services for the US Navy in Key West, FL and the US Coast Guard at Sector Miami.

Assisting Large Deck Barge into Miami River 


Tug Hercules Assist US Navy LCS in Key West, FL


Tug Capt. Beau Docking Cruise Vessel in Port of Palm Beach, FL


Tugs Peggy Ann and River Rat Assist Spanish Navy Tall Ship inbound Miami, FL 


Tug Capt. Beau Assisting the Mercy Ship USNS Comfort at the Port of Miami