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Founded in 1993, we are Miami’s premiere tug boat towing, salvage and yacht/barge transportation services provider. 

As a proudly Floridian Certified Woman Owned Small Business, we service the US Atlantic, Gulf Coast, and Caribbean islands.

Our priorities are accountability to safety, responsiveness to customers, and dedication to the job.


Our Towing, Salvage and Transport Services:

Calling Miami our Home Port, we take pride in its diverse culture and thrive in its competitive business environment. Therefore, we offer a variety of tug boat towing, salvage, and transport services. This allows us to best cater to the wide-ranging maritime needs of South Florida and the Caribbean.

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                       INLAND AND ICWW TOWING
                                      SHIP DOCKING

Our Tug Boats and Barges:

Our diverse fleet and dedicated crews maintain our competitive advantage and allow us to best service our customers.

We operate shallow draft push boats ranging from 400 to 600 HP. These smaller vessels are ideal for supporting local salvage projects and moving vessels/equipment throughout Florida’s inland waterways.

Additionally, our coastwise tug boats (ranging from 1200 to 1800 HP) provide support to heavy civil and marine construction projects along the Atlantic and Gulf Coasts.

Lastly, our oceangoing tug boats ranging from 2400 to 4000 HP perform long-haul dead ship and mega yacht tows, move cargo throughout the Caribbean from the US, and assist in the dockage of large commercial vessels in various Florida ports. 

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                                      INLAND TUGS
                                   COASTWISE TUGS
                                       OCEAN TUGS

We also have various types of barges on long term bareboat charter which we pair with our tug boats to transport cargo and equipment.

We typically use inland deck barges to move construction materials and heavy equipment locally via inland waterways such as the Intracoastal Waterway. These barges are of best use with a ramp system on deck to drive equipment on and off. They may also have crawler cranes to lift material from the water on various construction sites. 

Separately, we use ocean-going deck barges to move larger amounts of equipment and cargo via offshore routes. The use of these barges is typically for the movement of goods long distances for international trade and commerce. They are built and inspected to more stringent standards. 

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                                  INLAND BARGES
                                   OCEAN BARGES